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We Are Specialise In Shopify Website Design, WordPress Development, SEO, Digital Marketing Services


Let our creativity inspire your imagination! we build, migrate and upgrade the most complex code in custom programming.

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We don’t just design websites.we create value for your business.Our Design will help you to Increased customers.


We create fully functional online stores to attract new users and allow them to utilize services.

Digital Marketing

We recognized as a leading digital marketing agency to Grow Your Business With Our best Digital Marketing Tricks.

SEO Optimization

We are here to help you get more qualified traffic, build brand awareness, get top ranks on search engines.


We help our customers to build their brand identity, prestige and to prepare for future audience.


Best Web Development Company

Our web development services are best for clients who wish to improve their online presence and visibility.

Best Website Design Company

We have years of experience in web design, and we think we offer the best website design services on the internet.

Best Mobile App Development Company

We have the best team of mobile app developers who can provide you with a high-quality application.

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Our modernistic outlook to search engine optimization, social network marketing, and all the other digital points makes us different from other online marketing companies in Canada and puts us on the top of the competition.

100% surety of results

We provide you with guaranteed results in a fixed time and if you don’t get the desirable results, we work for free until you get the right results.

Advanced Digital Marketing

We immediately adopt new advanced technology while the other agencies are just analyzing it. You can check the above case study for instance.

Good & Easy Communication

Our internet marketing experts team and project managers are available 24/7 to receive calls and assist with any query you might have.

Experience of 15 years

We are a highly experienced digital marketing company in Canada and have served for almost 11340 clients and have the experience of 1M working hours.

Competitor Analysis

Our process starts by analysing the competitors which is the most integral part of a successful online marketing campaign.

Crystal Clear Reporting

Transparent reporting offers you insights and is the tight connection between the customer and the expert for progress related updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answers to the questions we are most commonly asked.
Check out our answers below to find out more about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing and who needs it?

Digital marketing means advertising of brands and their products or services through digital channels like search engines (Google, Yahoo, Yelp, Bing), websites, email, social media, and mobile apps. These digital channels allow businesses to seamlessly connect with current and prospective customers as well as raise brand awareness. Bizbullz Technologies is offering SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Writing, App Development, Online reputation management (ORM), affiliate marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, online PR, website design and development, and web analytic services. Internet marketing is an invaluable tool for all businesses and brands these days. At Bizbullz Technologies, we have helped all kinds of businesses grow, from mom-and-pop shops to highly recognized businesses around the world. It involves building buyer personas by identifying the audiences’ needs and creating valuable and relevant content. However, it does not help all businesses in the same way. If you are a B2B company, your marketing efforts are centred around online lead generation while for a B2C company the goal of your marketing efforts is to attract people to your website and increase sales.

What is brand awareness?

A brand that instills itself into customers’ minds, their lifestyle, and purchase habits without them thinking before buying the product is brand awareness. The brand with high awareness is referred to as trending or popular. Establishing brand awareness is valuable in the early stages of business as it helps promote your products and services easily. A consumer who is aware of your brand is likely to trust you and do business with you with little to no thought and brand awareness helps build that trust. It also helps create an association with customers and builds your brand value. However, brand awareness does not happen overnight, there are various measures you need to employ and a professional digital marketing agency can help in that. If you are looking to increase brand awareness for your business, reach out to Bizbullz Technologies today.

Would my business benefit from internet marketing?

More and more businesses are implementing internet marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. This is because customers search online for products and services before making a purchase decision. This can immensely benefit any business, whether small, medium, large, or start-up. An effective marketing campaign can instantly grip the attention of your audiences and provide you with effective results without the high cost involved. It also enables you to engage with your customers and respond to feedback building relationships. These are a few ways you can leverage digital marketing for your business. However, it works differently for each business and requires a lot of effort to get the results you are aiming for. Working with the best online marketing agency will help you get the right results as we first determine your goals and needs and then offer a strategy.

What is your reporting process?

The goal of a business report is to give a critical review of how the organisation is operating across all areas. To keep reporting efficient, effective, and less expensive, we strictly adhere to the weekly reporting schedule. We will establish reporting and communication expectations during our intake call. The most important thing to note is that we are data-driven at our core.

What after getting my business online?

So now your business has an online presence? Whether it’s through your website or a Facebook page, to keep your firm going forward online, there are certain vital steps to take. First, make use of your domain name to aid in the promotion of your business. In some circumstances, your domain name will redirect to your Facebook or LinkedIn company profile, or it will go directly to your website. Don’t forget to use your company’s domain name as the email address. Next, generate compelling content, as this is what will get people to notice and remember your brand. Last but not least, keep track of your findings, and don’t be hesitant to make changes along the way.

How do I know how much to spend on my company's digital marketing efforts?
It can be a dilemma to understand how much to spend on your marketing efforts but some methods can help you determine your exact marketing budget. Your marketing budget highly depends on the size of your business, and it is foremost to analyse the exact period for which you have been in the sales. Here are a few tips on how to determine the budget for your company’s digital marketing.

Revenue calculation of your company
Before setting any budget for marketing, you must analyse the gross revenue of your company. Your company’s accountant or salesperson can figure it out for you.

Keep an ideal range budget for your marketing.
For a newly established business, marketing costs can go up nearly 12-20%. If you have an old business, your marketing costs can be less than this. Moreover, determine the ROI of any marketing campaign and marketing strategy that drives better results for your business and spend on that.

Is digital marketing cost-effective in Canada?
If we talk about digital marketing, it is the most affordable way of making your business visible online. It is affordable because you can market the products or services to a vast audience at a low cost. For example, if you have to shoot an ad for your business, you can set a pocket-friendly budget to target a specific audience. It allows you to quickly see how your ad campaigns are received so that you can change or improve them accordingly. If you are running a business in India, it is the foremost crucial thing to make it visible online. For that it is essential to hire an online advertising company in India because they have specialized employees in various domains. They can complete all your tasks without costing you a huge amount and saving you time.
Moreover, when you hire a specialized firm you don’t have to pay for individual services, they perform all the services in a single package. Isn’t it beneficial to hire an Indian digital marketing agency that can not only keep you ahead of your competitors but is also cost-effective.
Would my business benefit from internet marketing?

More and more businesses are implementing internet marketing strategies to reach their potential customers. This is because customers search online for products and services before making a purchase decision. This can immensely benefit any business, whether small, medium, large, or start-up. An effective marketing campaign can instantly grip the attention of your audiences and provide you with effective results without the high cost involved. It also enables you to engage with your customers and respond to feedback building relationships. These are a few ways you can leverage digital marketing for your business. However, it works differently for each business and requires a lot of effort to get the results you are aiming for. Working with the best online marketing agency will help you get the right results as we first determine your goals and needs and then offer a strategy.

What is the main purpose of online marketing?
As the term already gives a glimpse, online marketing revolves around marketing through digital means. Advertising surrounds spreading the words about a business, which makes marketing all about reaching the audience through the digital space. With further strategies, it aims at making way for a business to reach the top of search engine result pages. It strives to build a brand and build a way for it to become a recognised name among other businesses. Engaging with customers holds separate importance, and with the apt platforms and strategies, online advertising paves the way for that as well. However, the end goal for a business is to reach its target audience and persuade them to purchase the products or services. That is what every marketing plan is focused on. All in all, the purpose of digital marketing is to assist you in generating new traffic, leads, and sales for your company by reaching out to individuals seeking your services and products.
How do I measure marketing ROI?
All the digital marketing networks, tools, and efforts must be measured. Google Analytics is the most reliable source for measuring marketing efforts. To calculate marketing ROI, you must first understand your marketing objectives and expenses. From there, it’s only a matter of subtracting the measurements from the intrinsic cost to get your ROI.
How am I billed for your online marketing services, and is there a contract?
The majority of our services are available on 6-month to 12-month contracts provided at discounted rates for prolonged services; however, we also offer monthly contracts. We favour lengthier agreements because online marketing outcomes do not arrive quickly, especially in SEO and SMM activities. We offer customized estimates and prices for our services, depending on the nature of the project.
What type of support do you provide to my business products or services?
Our excellent staff provides individualized assistance for all of our services. We take pleasure in delivering the greatest customer support by making ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are the first digital marketing company in India that believes in transparency; hence we make sure to give you comprehensive reporting on your campaigns frequently.
What are the advantages of digital marketing?
Online marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time to convince them to buy your products or subscribe to a service. The benefits of digital advertising are becoming more prevalent every day as more and more people are searching and buying products online. The advantages are enormous. It is cost-effective, enables you to get a huge ROI from your campaigns, improved conversion rate, better content performance, and lead generation. The other advantages include increased customer loyalty, gain brand credibility, increase brand awareness, accurately measure results, gain insights into your customers, and know all about your competitors. We help you stay ahead of your competition with our ROI focused and result-driven digital marketing solutions. We have already entered into a digital space, which makes it a new necessity to mark your presence over there. With its wider scope and immense benefits to businesses, it is an asset to have an edge in the digitally inclined era. From building a brand to enhancing its reputation, as an umbrella term, internet marketing comprises all.
What are the parameters to choose an online marketing firm in Canada??

There are various ways to promote your business online like social media, PPC, SEO, email, content, and the list goes on. Digital advertising agencies can solve this challenge for you, allowing you to focus on the work you do best. However, choosing the best digital marketing company in India is not easy as there are thousands out there claiming to offer quality and affordable services. So, how do you decide? There are certain things you need to keep in mind that enable you to choose the top agency. First, figure out your business marketing needs, budget, and what services you need. Second, do extensive research and list down a few companies. Now, find out how the agency runs their business, what KPIs they use, what results are promised, look at the pricing, and how easy it is to connect with them. It is a daunting task to choose the top agency, but these parameters help. Bizbullz Technologies has been in business for the past 15 years and has a team of experts to help you with your marketing needs. Also, we are recognized by Clutch, GoodFirms, Manifest, and 99Firms.

Do I need to take my business online?
It’s highly important to get your business online. No offline business can work wonders without being in the online market. So, if you’re having a business, make sure to get your business online and help it reach a wider audience and get your website ranked on the search engines. Through a top notch internet marketing company you can easily target the right audience and turn your potential customers into your clients. The best way to get your business rolling is to bring it online.
How do people reach the services I provide?
There are several types of websites present on the internet. Everyone tries to get their website spotted at the top of search engines. But this takes a unique technique to be implemented into your website. The primary purpose of all search engines is to provide the right service for which all users are looking. We as the best digital marketing service provider in India stand with you and help to raise your website on the top. So, when people will search for the product or info which is relevant to your website service then you will be spotted first there. We will perfectly optimize your website for reaching the right needy.
How effective is online marketing compared to traditional marketing?
Running a successful business is not just about having a high-quality product or the appropriate market. It is all about taking advantage of the right marketing techniques to reach your target audience and convert them into customers. With that said, online marketing is an effective technique as compared to traditional marketing. It offers more options for engagement, you can easily track and manage your campaigns, make clever targeting, effortlessly reach more audience, personalize your audience experience, and most importantly, it is cost-effective.
How often should I invest in internet marketing?

Internet marketing is not a one-time effort, it is a journey you need to undertake. In some instances, it can show results faster, but full optimization takes time, knowledge and skills. Even after you have reached the desired results, ongoing optimization is essential to stay ahead of the competition and keep costs down. The best practises of internet marketing focus on long-term strategies and here at Bizbullz Technologies, we offer that. A digital marketing firm promising to provide faster results is likely using black-hat SEO strategies. This strategy offers results faster but in the long run, they are ineffective and can result in your site being penalized by search engines. The length of time you should invest in marketing depends on several factors like your business type, focus area, budget, goals, and competitors.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategy that helps draw visitors and potential customers to your business. It builds meaningful, lasting relationships with existing and potential customers. At Bizbullz Technologies, we apply inbound marketing by attracting customers to your business by creating high quality, valuable content. This also establishes you as a trusted advisor. Next, we present insights to your customers’ problems and offer your product/service as a solution so they are more likely to do business with you.

Which internet marketing services are right for my business?
We highly advise you to invest in a complete internet marketing approach that integrates several marketing services.

The services that are best for you can be chosen based upon certain factors:

Your financial situation
Your objectives
Your item/service
Your intended audience, as well as a variety of other criteria
We can offer the best areas to invest in once we have completed the analysis of your site.

How do digital marketing agencies track metrics?
Agencies use several technologies to monitor the website and social media analytics. The website platform itself is one of the simplest methods to acquire website information. Many systems, such as WordPress, provide their analytics or allow the installation of analytic add-ons. Furthermore, practically all ad networks, such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, have their monitoring mechanism. Firms also use third-party technologies to track websites and other social media analytics.
How do I get my business started with Bizbullz Technologies?
To begin your project with us, you can:

Request for a free digital marketing audit
Email us at
Fill and submit your form, which has been provided on the CONTACT page

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